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Karine RABEAU & ESE Communication Draguignan


Toegang en gebruiksvoorwaarden van deze website

Door de website www.camping-de-la-plage.fr, hierna "de site", "de website" of "deze website" genoemd, te gebruiken gaat u zonder voorbehoud akkoord met de volgende gebruiksvoorwaarden.

Camping de la Plage doet zijn best ervoor te zorgen dat de website steeds toegankelijk is, maar heeft in dezen geen resultaatverplichting. De toegang tot de site kan tijdelijk worden onderbroken in verband met onderhoud, updates of andere redenen, met name van technische aard. Wanneer de site om wat voor reden dan ook niet bereikbaar is, kan SAS LA GABELLE niet verantwoordelijk worden gesteld voor deze onderbrekingen en de eventueel daaruit voortvloeiende gevolgen voor de gebruiker.

Camping de la Plage behoudt zich het recht voor op ieder gewenst moment en zonder voorafgaande kennisgeving de huidige gebruiksvoorwaarden van de site te wijzigen.

We have secured our website through the HTTPS mode. It is also possible to visit our website without divulgation of any personal information.

Our site may contain hyperlinks to third-party sites, partners or not. These sites are not under our control and we denie all responsibility for the content of these sites, any updates that could be made to them or any communication to you issued by the so-called sites.

We track the performance of our website via Google Analytics and collect information on how visitors use our website. This allows us to better understand their expectations and to be able to improve our site. We do not receive or register any personal information such as name or address.


Intellectuele eigendom

Deze website wordt beschermd door de Franse wetgeving inzake intellectuele eigendom en door internationale conventies. Reproductie van de site of gedeelten ervan (logo, teksten, foto’s, kaarten en andere documenten) is streng verboden, tenzij vooraf schriftelijk toestemming is verkregen van de rechthebbenden, conform artikel L 122-4 van de Franse wet inzake intellectuele eigendom.


Persoonlijke gegevens

Since 25 May 2018, the General Privacy policy (RGPD) has been implemented throughout Europe. It is the new legal framework of the European Union, which governs the collection and processing of users personal data. It applies to all companies in a European country that process personal data, as well as to all entities around the world that process personal data belonging to EU residents. Its goal is to protect your personal data.

Persoonlijke gegevens die op deze site worden verzameld kunnen digitaal worden verwerkt onder de verantwoordelijkheid van Le Camping de la Plage. De verzameling van gegevens is aangemeld bij de Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté (CNIL) onder nummer 1965356 v 0.

What is named by "personal data"?

Personal data includes any information relating to a person identified or identifiable, directly or indirectly, for example via name, telephone number, email address, identification number, location or login data, an online identifier, or one or more specific elements of their physical, physiological, genetic, economic identity, cultural or social, or by cross-referencing information.

The purpose of this document is to inform you about our policy of managing this personal data: what data we collect, how we process it, for what purposes and with whom we share it.

Collecting personal data

The personal data we collect is only used to answer your requests when you want to book at Camping de La Plage.

They are strictly reserved for internal use and accessible only to the staff working at the reception, because we attach great importance to them.

We collect and store only the data necessary to registrate bookings and bill your stays. Indeed, processing your applications and establishing legal contracts, require the collection of certain personal data. The norm NF525, for example, requires that for any issued invoice, the name, and address are mentioned.

De gegevens die zijn verzameld met de contact- en vacatureformulieren worden alleen per mail verstuurd naar contact@campingplage.fr. Ze worden niet op andere locaties opgeslagen of bewaard. Deze gegevens worden na verwerking van de aanvraag gewist.

De gegevens die zijn verzameld met de formulieren Een campingplaats reserveren en Een studio/appartement reserveren worden per e-mail naar de klant en naar booking@campingplage.fr gestuurd. Daarnaast worden ze opgeslagen in de database van de site en tot het eind van het seizoen bewaard.

Personal data collected via our email receive the same attention and restrictions on use. This professional email is protected by a dedicated password, an anti-spam and the computer antivirus, paid, efficient and very regularly updated.

Following your booking requests that you send us via our online form, the following data is collected and stored in the database of our NAXI-GESTION management software of the company INAXEL:

  • The first and last names of the participants,
  • Date of birth,
  • Postal address,
  • Country of residence,
  • Email address,
  • Phone number,
  • Arrival and departure date

Deze gegevens zijn bestemd voor de directie van Camping de la Plage en worden uitsluitend gebruikt voor de aanvraag die met het formulier is gedaan, mits de gebruiker daarvoor tijdens de verzameling van de gegevens expliciet toestemming heeft gegeven.

De site en de database worden gehost op beveiligde servers van OVH in Frankrijk. Alle webpagina’s en onlineformulieren zijn beveiligd met HTTPS. Met dit beveiligingsprotocol kan de inhoud van de communicatie tussen de browser en de server waarop de database van de camping is opgeslagen worden versleuteld, met behulp van een X509-certificaat (RSA 2048-bits en meer) en het standaard TLS-protocol. Dit voorkomt dat de ingevoerde persoonsgegevens tijdens verzending eenvoudig door derden kunnen worden gelezen.

Our secure online payment platform uses the banking data of customers that are systematically encrypted.

De klant betaalt op de beveiligde website van LCL Sherlock. Camping de la Plage heeft op geen enkel moment toegang tot de bankgegevens van de klant. Meer informatie over de beveiligde betaling: https://www.camping-de-la-plage.nl/veilig-betalen.php.

The NAXI-GESTION software gives us also access to other features in order to collect additional data. The ones we use are:

  • The client's mother tongue language,
  • Internal comments on the customer,
  • Archivation of dates of your previous stays,
  • Vehicle registration number,
  • Tattoo number of your pet

We do not use your personal data for commercial purposes. We never share them with third parties or disclose them to anyone. We only may have to use them for statistical studies, for exemple the ones requested by the INSEE and which is mandatory (frequency by nationality, by age).

No personal information is collected without your consent.

To date, we do not publish any newsletter.

WIFI access

Our wifi access is managed by the company OSMOZIS and is also secured.

To access it, you must first register by informing your last name, your first name, and your email address. You must also accept to be responsible for what you are going to watch on the Internet. Connection portals use the "HTTPS" protocol so that the data you enter is well encrypted.

Privacy policy

All the service providers we’ve named, have all their own Privacy policy.

PFor each of them, you will find the details of their respective policy, which you can download below or watch online.

  • NAXI-GESTION Privacy Policy - Inaxel
  • Osmozis Privacy Policy
  • Guestsuite Privacy Policy
  • LCL Privacy Policy

Personal data retention

We keep your personal data according to mandatory regulations (e.g., the data needed to create an invoice or paper registrationforms which are kept for 10 years from the end of our fiscal year set on October 31st of each year). After this period, all your personal data is deleted, destroyed or burned.

If you return to stay on our campsite in this interim time of 10 years, the data stored in our customer file allows us to facilitate your administrative procedures by reusing them for a new booking and the establishment of a new invoice.

We strive to ensure that the personal data held is accurate, current and complete. We always respond to requests from customers who wish to correct or update information about them.

Our paper documents are kept in a secured room accessible only to our director, and the computer files backed up by us daily.

In case of online payment via our secure link, the banking information you provide are not made visible to us, only the bank (LCL) has access to this data.

The paper archives concerning your booking requests, which we print in order to facilitate their processing and follow-ups, are kept for two years, to be shown in case of state control. This data is stored in a room accessible only to the campsite Manager, and will be destroyed or burned.

Your rights

Any time, in accordance with current personal data protection legislation, you have the right to access, rectify and delete your personal data.

Right of access: you can ask us if we have any information about you and, if so, to provide you with all of that data.

Right to rectify: you can ask us at any time to correct informations about you.

Right to be forgotten: you can ask us to delete your personal data whenever you want. We will then remove all your data, except the data that we must keep recording to the French or/and European legislation.


A Data Protection Officer (DPO) has been designated to be your point of contact on any privacy issues.

To exercise your rights, just contact our DPO: Mrs. Adriana LUCQ

  • or by email to: contact@campingplage.fr
  • either by mail to:
    Camping De La Plage
    2226 Route du Littoral
    Saint Pons les Mûres
    83310 Grimaud



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    Toepasselijk recht - Jurisdictie

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    This Privacy Policy may be amended at any time. To stay informed about these changes, we invite you to check it out regularly.


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